My Vision

I see life as a story unfolding. It isn't random or haphazard, but rather, it is being created in each moment - and we are the creators. Everyone has a place in the world and a unique story to tell. My job is to see and capture the people I work with authentically. Your life is a valuable part of the whole, and your story is important to the world.

My Story

Hi, my name is Nawal, and when I think of myself as a photographer, I think of the 12 year old girl who stumbled upon her mothers old film camera, abandoned on a shelf in the closet, and carried it with her as her prized possession wherever she went from that moment forward. I will always think of that girl, though she has now been on the planet for 27 years. Whenever I forget why I am doing what I do, it is she who reminds me that life is a precious gift and it ought to be documented. Even the most seemingly mundane moments are magical when you look at them through the eyes of loving wonder.

Central Coast Photographer